Think And Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

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Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich condenses his research on over 500 successful individuals into a 13-step philosophy for achieving wealth and personal fulfilment. The core idea is that thoughts are powerful and can shape your reality. By cultivating the right mindset and taking specific actions, you can unlock your potential for success.


  • DESIRE: A burning desire is the starting point. It must be specific and translate into a clearly defined goal.
  • FAITH: You must have unwavering belief in yourself, your plan, and your ability to achieve your goals.
  • KNOWLEDGE: Gain specialized knowledge relevant to your desired outcome.
  • PLANNING: Develop a concrete plan with actionable steps to turn your desire into reality.
  • PERSISTENCE: Never give up. Obstacles and setbacks are inevitable, but persistence will see you through.

The book also emphasizes the power of the subconscious mind and visualization techniques. By repeatedly picturing your success, you can program your subconscious to support your goals. Hill introduces the concept of the “Master Mind” group, a team of supportive individuals who can collaborate and contribute to your achievement.

In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill positions the subconscious mind as a fertile ground where your desires can take root and grow. He emphasizes that it’s crucial to program this subconscious mind with the right information to achieve success.

Here’s how visualization techniques come into play

VISUALISING YOUR SUCCESS: Hill argues that simply picturing your desired outcome repeatedly can have a profound impact. By vividly imagining yourself achieving your goals, you impress those images onto your subconscious, influencing your thoughts and actions towards making them a reality.

THE INVISIBLE COUNSELLORS TECHNIQUE: This is a particularly interesting visualization exercise Hill proposes. It involves imagining a group of wise advisors (your “Invisible Counselors”) around a table with you. You present your goals and challenges to them, and through this mental exercise, solutions and ideas may arise from your subconscious mind.

AUTO-SUGGESTION: This refers to the deliberate implantation of positive thoughts and beliefs into your subconscious. Hill suggests repeating affirmations that reinforce your desired outcomes. By constantly feeding your subconscious with positive messages, you can drown out negative thoughts and cultivate a mindset conducive to success.

THE SUBCONSCIOUS DOESN’T ANALYSE: Hill emphasizes that the subconscious mind doesn’t discriminate between positive and negative thoughts. If you constantly feed it doubts and fears, that’s what it will work to achieve. Therefore, visualization and positive affirmations become tools to program your subconscious for success.

It’s important to note that Hill’s ideas about the subconscious mind predate modern psychology. While the exact mechanisms remain debated, the concept of harnessing the power of your thoughts and subconscious for achievement continues to be a core concept in self-improvement circles. Think and Grow Rich has been praised for its motivational message and practical strategies. However, some criticisms target its lack of focus on economic factors and potential oversimplification of the road to success.

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